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Lunar Rogue was formed in early 2011 by singer/songwriter Julia Dettwiler. In addition to her lead vocals and rhythm guitar, the current Rogues include Alex Methot and Ryan Benhard on lead/rhythm guitar and Sam Orellana on bass.

Each member’s unique musical background plays a role in defining the band’s sound. Influences come from all genres of music ranging from metal to blues; but classic rock, hard rock, and alternative styles are the foundations of the band’s unique sound. Lunar Rogue brings an old school songwriter’s approach to its music, giving audiences a dynamic experience that combines riveting musical performances with songs that express emotions from anger and heartbreak to excitement and euphoria.

But don’t take their word for it! In less than two years, Lunar Rogue has booked multiple high attendance headlining shows at the World Famous Whisky A Go Go, Viper Room, Cat Club, Key Club, Roxy, Libertine, and House of Blues’ Hollywood and Anaheim. But their success isn’t limited to their live shows…the listeners of Spiderwebradio, the #1 highest ranked rock radio station on the Internet, awarded Lunar Rogue the “International Independent Band of the Year” award in 2013 and the same again in 2014. Since the station first began spinning their tunes in May 2013, numerous Lunar Rogue tracks have remained in the Top 15 Charts every week since then. Further, the band released its debut full-length self-titled album in October 2013 and have enjoyed great reviews from both critics and listeners alike! In 2014, Lunar Rogue not only won “International Independent Band of the Year” from Spiderwebradio but was nominated for “Band of the Year” by Woodbangers, and their music video was selected and screened at radio KSCR’s Music Video Festival at the Vista Theater on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles. They are currently proud to be endorsed by EMG Guitar Pickups, Minarik Guitars, Sinister Guitar Picks, Von York Guitar Strings, and Ear Filters. In the photo below, Julia has her Minarik Lotus guitar in a mirrored spiderweb design with gold EMG pickups 57/66, Von York Kelvinite strings, and wearing Sinister Guitar Picks burnout tee.




“Lunar Rogue! Never heard of them? Well you will! I have been operating spiderwebradio for nearly 8 years and this California band has impressed not just me, but more importantly our listeners! The first week we aired their tunes, Lunar Rogue had 4 tunes in our top 5 indie chart! Up to then no other band or artists, independent or mainstream had achieved this! “Take Away “ ,got a 9.9 rating by our listeners, the highest rating a song has ever achieved. Each and every song will get stuck in your head and refuse to leave. Lunar Rogue is the rebirth of Rock and Roll,! This genre has begged for a band to lead the way and now we have our wish- Lunar Rogue! Now you’ve heard of them, listen and you won’t forget them!”

AC Stewart, Program Director Spiderwebradio

“Lunar Rogue, lead by front woman Julia Dettwiler, is a breath of fresh air in a musical climate tainted by bands who, for the most part, sound the same. This five member group has risen above the ‘sameness’ clouds, shining so brightly one would think they had captured a piece of the sun. Awesome guitars that switch alternatively from lead to rhythm and back again seamlessly are punctuated by the perfectly timed cadence of the drums and the strong bass beat. Strains from a fiddle filter in and out as do the backup vocals. Add the beautiful vocals of Julia and you have sweet harmonies and a winning combination. Lunar Rogue’s stage presence is awesome. They draw you in as they play for you. If you ever have the chance to see this exciting band live, do so! Tell them DJ PJ sent ya!”

Peggy Murphy (DJ PJ) Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

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