Warm Audio… exactly what it sounds like. The only way to record warmth and a vintage sound with intense clarity.

emg-pickups-converted   EMG… Guitar pick ups that have been rocking people’s faces off for years.


Minarik Guitars… Guitars that are crafted in the most intricate designs with the finest materials.





Sinister Guitar Picks… Guitar picks with a metal edge.


Von York Guitar Strings… Only the highest quality strings and accessories.



Spectraflex… Cables that don’t quit and that look so unique you can’t possibly lose them or have them snagged at a show.



Rock N Roll Coffee Co… Who better to fuel our creative fire and keep that energy pumping on stage?


We are so very proud to be endorsed by these amazing music innovators! Warm Audio, EMG, Minarik Guitars, Sinister Guitar Picks, Von York Guitar Strings, Spectraflex Cables, and Rock N Roll Coffee Co help us create our sound, our vibe, and our look! Click on the logos to check out their websites! They ROCK!!!