We are super excited that our music was recently added to the rotation on the highly esteemed internet radio station, Spiderwebradio! For those unfamiliar, it is a great internet rock radio station based in Ontario. Fans get to rank the music played, so the playlist is constantly getting refined. We are currently sharing rotation with the likes of Foo Fighters, Joan Jett, The Offspring, U2, Greenday, AC/DC, Heart, Pearl Jam, and so many other greats!

Three weeks ago we submitted songs from our upcoming unreleased album to the station. Since then, listeners have ranked at least two of our tunes in the top 5 of the indie chart every week! In the first week, we took all top 4 spots! In the history of the station, no other band has ever done that. In it’s first week of play, “Take Away”, became the highest rated song Spiderwebradio has ever had! We are still glowing from the excitement of such fan reaction!

We are so very grateful to AC Stewart of Spiderwebradio for giving us a shot and adding us to the station’s rotation! We are also incredibly grateful for those of you who tune in and give us such amazing ratings! Thank you all!!!

If you are not already listening to this station, we recommend you start. Not only will you get to hear our songs, but you will also get to rock out with so many other upcoming acts and classic artists. Click here to tune in!