Lunar Rogue was formed in early 2011 by singer/songwriter, Julia Dettwiler in Los Angeles. The current lineup features her lead vocals and rhythm guitar,  Alex Methot and Ryan Benhard playing lead and rhythm guitar, Rozz Osborn’s drumming, and Sam Orellana’s low end.

Each member’s unique background plays a role in defining the band’s sound. Influences come from all spheres of music but energetic classic rock, hard rock, and alternative styles serve as a home base for everyone involved. Lunar Rogue brings an old school songwriter’s approach to its music, giving audiences a dynamic experience. There is no hesitation in following huge rock jams with acoustic guitars and lighters.

The band has found a quick start in the scene, having already played headlining shows at the Whisky and Viper Room, as well as the House of Blues in Hollywood and Anaheim, Cat Club, Key Club, Roxy, and Hard Rock Cafe. Growing success includes being awarded “Female Band of the Year” in 2017 by Indie Artists Magazine, “International Independent Band of the Year” in 2013 – 2016 as well as the all time highest rated band in 2015 by Spiderwebradio, the #1 highest ranked rock radio station on the internet, where numerous tracks have remained in the Top 15 Artists chart every week since first spinning on the station in May 2013. The song “Another Night, Another Day” from the unreleased album was awarded “Song of the Year” in 2017 by KB Radio. In 2014 they were also nominated for “Band of the Year” by Woodbangers, and their music videos for “Lonely” and “Pretty Little Mess” have been selected to be screened at KSCR Radio’s Music Video Festivals in Hollywood, CA. “Lonely” was nominated for a Radio KSCR award in 2016. Being featured in magazines (such as Rock n Roll Industries Magazine, Indie Artists Magazine, ION Indie Music Magazine, and InterMixx) and interviewed on several TV and radio shows, has given them a platform to raise awareness for Infinite Hero Foundation. It is a cause the entire band sees as “important and worth working hard to get the word out”. Lunar Rogue’s first full length debut album was released on October 26, 2013. It can be found here. They are currently working on a new album to release in 2019.

Julia Dettwiler

Julia “Wild Child” Dettwiler has been using her voice to bewitch mere mortals for centuries. Consequently, she has inspired such creations as the picnic basket, the clip-on tie, and Marisa Tomei. As the Queen of Lunar Rogue, she protects her harem of musicians with her baby pet dragon, Tito, and never wonders wonders what’s in a wonder ball (she was one of the founders of Nestle). She has an ancient tattoo on her leg that reads “Joan of Arc was my Homie” in Gaelic. Julia presently inhabits the top of the Citibank building in downtown Los Angeles and has done so since she first saw the blockbuster film “Independence Day.” She found it the only logical solution as she believes that in the event of an actual invasion by an advanced alien race, they wouldn’t blow up the building on principle because it would be “too much of a Hollywood cliché.” On occasion, she sneezes fire. Black licorice, Hot Tamales, Pop Rocks, and cotton candy make up her perfect meal. No, seriously. That is actually true.

Ryan Benhard

Ryan “Master of Disguise” Benhard was out drinking with some friends one night and got a little carried away with the crème de mint (he says it’s a real man’s drink… best to agree. I saw him break a stick once. It was a small stick and it took him 46 tries, but it was super intimidating nonetheless.). Anyway, he and some friends decided to get tattoos after booze. His tattoo was supposed to say “Master of Disguise” but instead it said “Master of Disgruntled.” Word got out, so he started getting random visits and calls from disgruntled employees all over the world. They flocked to him everywhere he went. He had an actual army, but he’s a Lover not a fighter (I mean, obviously. Just look at that sweet face.). Since then he has been forced to be a master of disguise so he can dodge these very angry and belligerent folks. He enjoys long walks on the beach, he likes to surf and turf (in that order), and puka shells are his jam. Oh, he’s also some kind of dragon king or something.

Alex Methot

Alex “Zig-Zag” Methot used to earn a living in arcades by stealing the stuffed animals out of those claw machines. His arm can actually zig-zag making him able to reach up into the machine through the tiny door and grab his prize. He’s a real hit with kids. Charging only mid-teens to adults, since he’d never charge a child, he managed to save up enough money to buy himself a giant ferris wheel. It does look odd outside of his apartment complex, but he’s quite popular in his neighborhood. Alex raises chinchillas and teaches them to dance: jazz, tap, ballet, and break. He can communicate with them so he claims it’s quite simple. Have you ever tried talking to a chinchilla? Another cool trait is his ability to juggle while riding a unicycle. This seems like a pretty normal trait, but he juggles the chinchillas. Pretty cool. Back to his zig-zag arms… when he got banned from his final Dave & Buster’s he decided to pick up a new way to earn a living. So he learned guitar. He plays guitar like a badass. Obviously that’s not how he earns a living. He’s actually a doctor. Yes, you guessed it! He’s a chinchilla doctor. Dr. Zig-Zag… Ironically, Sam wishes this was his name and may steal it as his rapper name.

Rozz Osborn 

Rozz “Fireball” Osborn gets her name either because she spends her winters on the sun in a special fire resistant suit designed for her by a scientist who was banned from NASA or because she trained in the circus for 8 years as a human torch. It could be both. Due to the happy memories from her time spent in the circus, she bought a smart car that came equipped with 36 clowns that exit the vehicle with cotton candy every time she parks the car. This makes her band mates very happy when she shows up to practice. Rozz taught her dog how to ski because everyone loves a shitzu who can ski. Shitski. She has a minor allergy to knock knock jokes and grapefruit juice. As wii boxing champion of the world, she is forced to workout. A lot. Her favorite flower is flour. Try telling her that’s not a flower… Seriously, don’t do it! If you want to get her a birthday present, she likes snails and rubber bands.

Sam Orellana

Sam “Romeo” Orellana spent the first 8 years of his life speaking only in the letter “R.” His parents thought this was a learning disability, but it turned out he was just extremely smart. He did it as a game. They found this out when he turned 9 and started speaking in “E.” He was Sam “Echo” Orellana for a brief while. Then he was Sam “Whiskey” Orellana. His parents stopped changing his nickname when he started speaking in “J” and didn’t want to call him Sam “Juliet” Orellana. Good call Sam’s folks! As mentioned earlier, the guy is pretty brilliant. He was hired by the FBI to pose as a bass player who likes burritos and video games. Seemed easy enough until he got addicted to both and had to go to BA and VGA. He still gets a twitch when he passes a Taco Bell or a Nickel Nickel. Rumor has it he hasn’t completely kicked the habits and still sneaks burritos and video games at the same time. Hopefully this won’t interfere with his ability to play bass in the band!