A Bit About Songwiting

Posted by on Jan 9, 2014 in Blog | 4 Comments
A Bit About Songwiting

Do you ever wonder from where songwriters pull their inspiration or how they feel about revealing their songs once they’re written? Well, I don’t know about everyone else, but I know where I get my inspiration for songs and what I feel when I play my songs for people. Everywhere, everything, and everyone can be a muse at any given moment, so I find inspiration in basically whatever strikes me. That’s what is so fun about writing! I can write about a water faucet if I get the urge! Lol. It is, however, incredibly scary to share a new song with anyone (yes, even my own awesome band mates!). Eventually, when a song takes shape, it is a huge payoff for me emotionally when people like the songs and actually sing along. That is an amazing feeling!

Writing can be stressful or carefree. When I first started writing 3 years ago, I was scared to death. I was pouring my heart into my songs. That was not so bad, but I didn’t prepare myself for what it would feel like to play those songs for actual people. Aaaaaaaagggghhhh!!! So it was awkward and uncomfortable and weird, but after about 30 songs I was slightly less uncomfortable about it…. Slightly! It’s still scary to reveal a new song. I worry about everything from my vocal and guitar performance on a cheesy recording to, obviously, the music and lyrics. I get especially nervous playing new songs for the band. This is the point at which the destiny of each song is determined. Will the song have a bright future? Or will the song get shelved? That’s up to the band. Yikes! Talk about pressure!!

So what do I write about? Where do my ideas come from? I write about pretty much whatever I want. The possibilities are endless. I have written about love, heartbreak, schizophrenia, rock stars, money, stress, sanity (or lack thereof), cheaters, drugs, death, Bonnie and Clyde, dreams, and Lifetime movies. Haha… Ok, only one song was based on a preview of a Lifetime movie… Can you guess which song??? Check out our music page and see if you can figure it out. Leave a comment below if you think you know. If you can figure it out, I will send you a free mp3 of that song!

We’re feeling generous, so here is another offer: Order a physical copy of our new album before the end of January and we will send you a surprise free gift with your purchase as our way of letting you know we appreciate your support!! You rock!!!

I’m not sure what else to tell you about my songwriting. Have any questions? Feel free to ask.