5 Awesome Reasons to Invest in Rock & Roll…

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5 Awesome Reasons to Invest in Rock & Roll…
5 Awesome Reasons to Invest in Rock & Roll:
5) It will make you rich! Just kidding. Ok, it will make some people rich… I’m hoping to be one of them! But seriously, “rich”is not always the same as wealthy, right? I wouldn’t have the same relationships if it weren’t for Rock & Roll, so in that sense I’m definitely rich because of it. That’s something to be super grateful for… And I am! I’ve been lucky enough to have met some of the coolest people on the planet all thanks to music! Yes, if you’re reading this and I know you, I’m probably referring to you!
4) Rock & Rollers are generally pretty awesome and fun. I’m not saying everyone else isn’t awesome and fun, I’m just saying I’ve had better luck with rockers. For example, at 100% of the rock shows I’ve been to I have met cool folks who I have had random conversations with. We talk about all kinds of stuff, sometimes cool, sometimes stupid, but the point is that friendly people will chat with you and make you feel like you’ve somehow become pals over a single beer or a cig or even a potty break. At many shows of non-rock genres that I’ve been to, the conversation is typically about my hair or about whether or not I’m single. Flattering as it may be, it’s not my idea of fun or comfortable conversation. The rest of the night I feel all paranoid like the guy who asked me for my number several times is going to drug my drink or follow me out to my car and kill me with an axe (since those are so easy to carry in your pocket). But I watch too many shows like “The Following”and now my own shadow scares me… Just kidding… Kind of.
3) You’re tired of all songs sounding the same on every radio station. Really, this seems to be everyone’s complaint lately. Throw some rock into the mix! I can’t think of a Rock & Roll song that repeats a line 38 times in the duration of 3 minutes. If there is one… Shame on it!! Repeating something a million times… Yeah, that’s just not ok (there are very few exceptions to this)… at least not in my opinion. If it feels like a song has been on for a half an hour, that’s because a lot of the music on the radio sounds exactly the same. I’m not dissing anyone, I’m just saying a little variety would be refreshing. If they’d throw a rock song in every couple of songs or so, it wouldn’t feel like the same song has been on all day.
2) Supporting artists… Rock on! From mainstream to indie, from rock to rap, show some support. Buy a CD or t-shirt or button or shotglass or whatever they’ve got! Go to shows! If you liked the band or artist, let them know! Join their mailing list. Show an interest. It feels good to know your art is appreciated. And be sure to buddy up to your local bands! Remember that a big band today was somebody’s local band yesterday! You can get our album here! Just saying! Hehe..
1) Rock & Roll makes the world go ‘round. Obviously, this last reason is my favorite. I grew up with rock & roll and can’t imagine my life without it. It really does make my world go ‘round! Can you imagine what your life would be like without your favorite music? I can’t. It would be a world gone mad.  
So, clearly, these are just my opinions on why I think everyone should invest in Rock & Roll. What are your 5 Awesome Reasons to Invest in Rock & Roll?